Sculpture / Metals / Woods

The sculpture area recognizes the broad, transdisciplinary nature of sculpture today. A wide range of media now falls within an expanded definition of sculpture. Course work includes architectural sculpture, foundry, interactive and kinetic sculpture, neon, small metals, wood, video and sound installation. While classes run the gamut of the contemporary sculpture environment, there also is an emphasis on helping students put today's creations in the contexts of the history of sculpture and the larger field of contemporary art.


The printmaking program in the School of Art recently ranked fifth in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, believes the techniques, skills and concepts embodied in printmaking have never been more relevant, exciting or broadly defined. Printmaking students develop skills in technical processes, logic, planning, organization and conceptual development. The printmaking area encourages experimentation and the development of unique approaches and an understanding of the many printmaking processes and media in both traditional and contemporary formats.


The photography program in the ASU Herberger Institute School of Art is an environment that fosters new knowledge, exploration and a thorough understanding of this rapidly expanding field. Distinguished faculty use diverse creative interests to encourage students to cultivate ideas and technical expertise in ways that parallel the critical, cultural and historical analysis of the medium. Students have access to the widest range of photographic possibilities, including silver gelatin, digital imaging, video, alternative and historic processes and mixed media.

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