Student + Faculty Work

A glimpse into the work produced by our collaborative community of students and faculty.

Portfolio of the ASU School of Art

Recent MFA Graduate Work

With more than 120 graduate students, the ASU Herberger Institute School of Art is a thriving artist community producing remarkable student work. Many of the programs offer private graduate studios allowing students to have real-world experience. Use the links at the right to see a variety of graduate student work produced in the School of Art.

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Recent BFA Graduate Work

With nearly 1,200 undergraduates, the ASU Herberger Institute School of Art is the largest school in the college, which allows for rich, diverse work to be created. Herberger Institute School of Art students are talented, creative and together create an inviting and thriving artist community.

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Art Faculty Work

The studio art faculty in the ASU Herberger Institute School of Art are artists in their own right and create exceptional work as professionals in the field. Many of whom exhibit their work in renowned exhibition spaces throughout the country and world.

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