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Summer Camps 2020

School of Art Summer Camps 2020

The School of Art at Arizona State University is offering weekly art camps throughout the summer. The 4-day camps will be offered in a wide variety of studio art practices including portrait painting, comic art, darkroom photography, and many samplers in case you can’t choose just one topic! The summer camps are designed to give students an art immersion experience to the university, and the opportunity to work with faculty and professional artists on creative projects that represent the variety of courses offered in the School of Art. Camps are open to students ages 13-18 and welcome beginners to advanced levels of experience. All materials will be provided. 

Program fees  

Camp fees are $350 for the 4-day camps, and $425 for the 5-day Art & Technology Sampler Camp. Early Bird registration fee is $315 and $390 respectively. Early Bird registration ends 4 weeks before the start date of each camp. Payment in full is due when you register. Please see Refund/Cancellation Policy for more information. 

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Camp Courses at School of Art - Tempe Location 

ASU School of Art, 900 S. Forest Mall, Tempe, Arizona, 85287

Stop Motion Animation

June 1-4 | M-TH | 9a.m. - 4p.m.

Create your own stop motion animations! This highly detailed process focuses on taking up to 40 photos per second to create seamless animations. Participants will work in groups to produce, storyboard, construct, shoot, and edit a short video using various materials such as clay and construction paper. This hands-on session will meld together the process of creating tangible items to capture and edit them through digital processes using digital photography and computer software. 

Painting Portraits

June 8–11 | M–TH | 9a.m.–4p.m.

Love drawing people? Take it a step further and learn how to a paint a portrait! Portrait painting has deep roots in history and still has a strong presence in the art world today. In this camp you will learn how to work with oil paints, mix skin tones, tackle proportion and create the illusion of light and form.

Darkroom Photography 

June 15–18 | M–TH | 9a.m.–4p.m.

Let’s have fun experimenting in the Darkroom! Learn the process of making photographs and art with light sensitive paper. You will make your own pinhole camera, develop photos and explore photograms. No 35 mm camera or DSLR is required for this camp. 


June 15–18 | M–TH | 9a.m.–4p.m. 

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? Let’s play with clay! In this camp students will create functional ceramic pieces that you can actually use for food and drink! Students will be exposed to several techniques including wheel throwing and hand building to construct a functional vessel. Students will also have the opportunity to decorate and fire pieces as well. 

Art Makers Sampler (Beginner Level)

June 22-25 | M-TH | 9a.m. - 4p.m.

The Art Makers Camp is a tour of 4 studio disciplines: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, and Photography. The camp is an opportunity for each artist to work in a variety of materials and techniques. Learn different ways to use your hands and imaginations to realize your creative ideas. 

Art Makers Sampler (Advanced Level)

June 22-25 | M-TH | 9a.m. - 4p.m.

Have you taken a handful of art classes or naturally gifted artistically? Then Art Makers Sampler at the advanced level is a good match for you. This camp is a tour of 4 studio disciplines: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, and Photography. Being at the advanced level means you already have experience working with drawing, painting, clay and photo materials. This prior knowledge will allow the instructors to focus more on creative growing and individual exploration. 

Arizona Landscapes in Watercolor

July 6-9 | M-TH | 9a.m.-4p.m.

Learn drawing and watercolor techniques to capture the Arizona landscape around you! This camp will focus on how to closely observe nature, examine color, temperature, light, and texture. Students will experiment with a variety of different techniques such as wet on wet, washes, and color mixing to get comfortable with the fluid and textural qualities of watercolor. 

Constructing Kimonos 

July 13-16 | M–TH | 9a.m.–4p.m. 

The Kimono is one of the oldest known garments in the world. In this hands-on course students will learn the basics about textiles, flat pattern making, the clothing supply chain, and ways to reduce waste through upcycling. Students will also learn how to safety operate an industrial sewing machine as well as hand sewn techniques, to make your own Kimono! 

Art & Technology Sampler 

July 13-17 | M-F | 9a.m. - 4p.m.

The Art & Technology Camp is a sample of computerized equipment and programs used by artists. Students will have an introduction to Laser Cutting and 3-D printing. Students will get familiarized with the programs Tinkercad and Adobe Illustrator. The camp gives students the opportunity to see how technology can help and enrich the art making process.  

Craft Sampler

July 20–23 | M-TH | 9a.m.–4p.m.

This art sampler camp is a tour of 4 studio disciplines: Dyeing, Embroidery, Felting, and Basket Weaving. The camp is an opportunity for each artist to work in a variety of materials and techniques. Learn different ways to use your hands and imaginations to realize your creative ideas. 

Japanese Illustration in 3-D

July 20–23 | M-TH | 9a.m.–4p.m.

Take your Japanese Illustrations to the next level! In this camp you will create traditional Japanese paintings on lanterns and ceramics! We will also explore the laser cutter to create a unique canvas for the legendary Yōkai, supernatural creatures of Japanese folklore. 

Comics & Storyboards

July 27–30 | M–TH | 9a.m.–4p.m. 

Why sit in front of the TV and watch characters when you can draw your own?! Get inspired by the world of comics invent your own unique characters and universes. In this camp you will learn how to storyboard and develop your own illustrations. 

Cancellation Policy

If a workshop is cancelled by the School of Art due to low registration, parents and students will be notified one week prior to the start date. A full refund will be givien if we, School of Art, cancel the class one week prior to start date of workshop. Students who withdraw more than two weeks before the camp start date will have 75% of their camp fee refunded. NO REFUND will be issued for students who withdraw within two weeks of the camp start date. School of Art is not responsible for any travel related expenses due to cancellation.