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3D Visualization and Prototyping (3DVP) Lab Graphic

3D Visualization and Prototyping (3DVP) Lab

The 3DVP lab supports interdisciplinary research in 3D visualization and prototyping at Grant Street Studios by providing technologies including 3D data capture, modeling and visualization and prototyping and fabrication. The lab is also committed to serving the local community through consulting, education and outreach.

group of young women admiring work at the ASU Art Museum

LACMA-ASU Master’s Fellowship in Art History

The LACMA-ASU Master’s Fellowship in Art History pairs rigorous academic instruction through traditional master’s-level coursework and a thesis with on-the-job work experience at LACMA or Herberger Institute’s ASU Art Museum, and creates a cohort that will explore key issues around expanding the canon of art history for the future of museums.

Pyracantha Press

Established in 1982, Pyracantha Press is the production and research imprint of the School of Art's book-arts program. Directed by Daniel Mayer, the program has produced dozens of publications since it's inception.

The Colorado River Re-Storied

The Colorado River Re-Storied is a collection of "stories of place" shared by individuals with direct experience--or distant love--of the Colorado River. The project seeks to “re-story” the landscape of the Southwest by helping to describe, re-store and sustain the hidden or lost cultural practices and treasures of the Colorado River basin.

Map(ing) Project

The Map(ing) Project, 2009-2017, was a biennial initiative that investigated the personal and cultural histories of Native American and Indigenous artists. Each year five artists were invited to work collaboratively with graduate students from ASU’s School of Art Printmaking program (nationally ranked fifth in the country). 

It's Not Just Black and White

The It’s Not Just Black and White exhibition gave voice to the multiple constituents who are involved with the corrections, incarceration and the criminal justice systems. The ASU Art Museum gallery space served as a site for developing and displaying exhibitions, events, discussions, readings and performances.

Museum of Walking (MoW)

Museum of Walking (MoW) is an educational resource center committed to the advancement of walking as an art practice. MoW houses a small-but-mighty archive and library comprised of walking related material engaging disciplines of art, science, philosophy, health, activism and cartography. Through workshops, exhibitions, guest speakers and site-specific projects, MoW fosters relationships between people, land, action and site.

Our researchers

Dan Collins - Colorado River Re-Storied

Featured researcher: Dan Collins
Project: The Colorado river re-storied

The Colorado River Re-Storied is a collection of "stories of place" shared by individuals with direct experience — or distant love — of the Colorado River. The project seeks to “re-story” the landscape of the Southwest by helping to describe, re-store, and sustain the hidden or lost cultural practices and treasures of the Colorado River BasinThe team of six behind the project includes School of Art professor of Intermedia, Dan Collins and assistant professor of Intermedia, Meredith Drum.  Additionally, there is an open invite for others to add their own story of the Colorado River to the archive.

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Top stories

In Dakar, Senegal, you can find a gas station or a hair salon turned into a space for seeing art. A dance club becomes an exhibition venue. A mixed-media installation pops up in a traffic circle.

Julie Codell, art history professor in the School of Art in ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, recently shared her work at a museum and at two conferences.

In 1799, soldiers of Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign were knocking down walls to build a fort near the city of Rosetta when they found a large basalt slab inscribed with strange symbols.

Herberger Institute-wide initiatives



Created in 1996 with an endowment from Katherine K. Herberger, ArtsWork unites ASU artists and scholars with community leaders in research and programs focused on children and the arts.

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Design and Arts Corps

The Design and Arts Corps partners with communities to place designers, artists, scholars and educators in public life, in places like schools, hospitals, social profit organizations, community centers and government agencies.

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Projecting All Voices

The Projecting All Voices initiative aims to explore what equity means within a 21st-century design and arts school and at art institutions across the nations.

CounterAct Yellow and Black


CounterAct is a multidisciplinary, campus-wide effort to reduce sexual assault and center healthy sexuality using the arts. The initiative will catalyze 880 creative acts to counter the 880 acts of sexual violence that occur each day in the U.S.

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Creative Health

Working with health and allied health disciplines at ASU and in the community, Creative Health Collaborations advances research, curricula and programming at the intersection of arts, design and health.

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Ensemble Lab

The Ensemble Lab is a cooperative of artists, researchers and civic leaders working across disciplines to explore the role of artists, increase professional opportunities for artists and equip artists to be engaged civic partners.

Student mapping collage

Creative Placemaking

At the Herberger Institute, our definition of Creative Placemaking is the strategic integration of arts, culture and community engaged design into comprehensive community planning and development.

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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs

The Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs was established to coordinate cross-institute programs and activities that engage directly with entrepreneurship and enterprise development in design and the arts.

Urban Sol graphic

Urban Sol

Urban Sol promotes the urban artist culture of DJs, MCs, graffiti artists and dancers in the Valley of the Sun.