Tuition and paying for college

ASU ranks among the top “best buy” public colleges in the USA. Thousands of dollars in scholarships and fellowships are awarded to the School of Art, Herberger Institute students annually.

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ASU has many financial aid options available.

These scholarships and fellowships are made possible by the generous donations and investments of our alumni, parents and friends.  Financial aid includes grants, scholarships, work-study, loans, education tax credits or a benefit from completing community or military service.

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School of Art scholarship

The School of Art administers university and private donor scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. You must complete the application for the School of Art Scholarship to be eligible for any of these scholarships.


Materials must be postmarked or delivered to the School of Art by Feb. 1.

Application requirements and procedures

School of Art scholarships are selected on a competitive basis. To be considered for a School of Art scholarship you must be degree-seeking, with a School of Art major. You must submit the materials listed below based on your degree and complete the online application. By completing this scholarship application you will be applying for any and all School of Art scholarships that you meet the criteria.

Online Application

Materials to submit

  • All students must submit a resume that may include personal achievements, education information, work experience, art exhibits and relevant information consisting of no more than one page..
    • Studio art degree students submit a digital portfolio
    • Fashion degree students submit a digital portfolio or a research paper.
    • Art History degree students submit a research paper of no more than 15 pages.
    • Art Education degree students submit a research paper or a combination of a digital portfolio and research paper.

How to submit materials

  • All Studio Art, Fashion and Art Education degree student materials are submitted through the ASU Herberger Slideroom.
    • 10–15 images or 3 1-minute samples of time–based work (video, sound or web).
    • Include titles, dates, sizes or length and media. You may also include an optional one sentence project description with each image
  • Art History degree seeking student materials are submitted in one PDF to The email subject line must read: SOA Scholarship.


You will be notified by mail of the Art scholarship committee's decision. Scholarship funds are awarded for the next academic year, unless stated otherwise.

All School of Art scholarships are awarded on the basis of one academic year. The application process applies for all scholarships that are renewable. Any student who wants to be eligible for a future scholarship must re-apply.