Propose an exhibition

Looking for a space to show your artwork or organize an exhibition?

The School of Art galleries accept exhibition proposals in Gallery 100, Harry Wood Gallery, and Step Gallery. All ASU School of Art students, faculty, alumni, and ASU affiliated groups/individuals are eligible to apply. Exhibitions are scheduled throughout the following academic year. 

The application for the 2024-25 exhibition season will open on February 15. The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 15.



How to submit

The following items must be submitted via Google Form:

  • Exhibition title.
  • Space preference (the galleries currently only accept proposals for Harry Wood Gallery and Step Gallery).
  • 300-500 word proposal narrative (see instructions below).
  • Visual support of up to 10 images and accompanying captions (artist, title, year, medium, size). 
  • Resume and/or biographical information (participating artists, curator, club/organization info).
  • Proposed gallery layouts are optional but highly recommended.
  • Letter of support from a faculty member (only required for current students). The letter can be in the form of an email.  

Proposal materials may be submitted individually or combined into a single PDF. Please note that the application can only accept up to 10 files. 

The proposal narrative is a 300-500 word written narrative detailing the proposed theme and contents of the exhibition. Consider the following when writing your proposal narrative:

  • The title of the exhibition and how it relates to the work.
  • Name and relevance of exhibitors.
  • Why the works are being exhibited together in terms of theme or content.
  • How the exhibition fits with the mission of the School of Art galleries and the ASU community.
  • The artistic, social, and/or cultural implications of the exhibition.
  • Types of media represented and why they were chosen.
  • How the space will be utilized and how the work will be professionally presented.
  • Technical requirements for exhibition (e.g. internet connection, digital projection, and displays).
  • Describe any other events in conjunction with the exhibition (e.g. HIDA day workshop, visiting artist lecture).
  • If the artists in the exhibition have not already been selected, detail the call for work and how you will ensure that the exhibition will be successful.

Visual support can include previous work samples, examples of works that may be included in the exhibition, and/or plans for proposed works.

Review process and criteria

Proposals are reviewed by the School of Art Gallery Advisory Committee once per year. Submissions will not go forward to the committee selection process until complete.

Note that while exhibitors may request a specific space and time for the exhibition, accepted proposals will be placed in the most suitable and available space. 

Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision at the end of the semester.

Proposal criteria

  • A clearly articulated statement of a central idea for the exhibition.
  • Aesthetic and conceptual resonance between work in a single medium or significant dialogue presented across multiple mediums.
  • Professional presentation.
  • Suitability for the venue.

Exhibitor responsibilities

There is a $25 fee after the show has been accepted that must be paid before installation. Each exhibitor is expected to abide by the gallery guidelines and procedures which are provided after the proposal has been approved.


Each exhibitor is expected to plan and install their exhibition, provide simple refreshments for the opening reception, oversee the de-installation and restoration of the gallery to its original condition, as well as work with the Galleries Director to meet promotional deadlines for the School of Art.

Once the committee accepts a proposal, no changes may be made to the content, theme, or title of the exhibition without the permission of the committee. Each exhibitor in the School of Art galleries is expected to understand and follow gallery policies and procedures. 

Application link

Use the link below to submit your proposal materials via Google form.

Application link