Student and Community Engagement Program Manager

Under administrative direction, the Student and Community Engagement Program Manager performs work of considerable difficulty in coordinating and directing the activities and functions of the Student and Community Engagement Program within the School of Art. The goal of the Engagement Program is to provide students with tools that prepare them for both academic and professional success through the implementation of projects, tasks, and initiatives that target retention, recruitment, community outreach, and student welfare and wellbeing. The Program seeks to support the student culture of the School of Art and to ensure the smooth transition of students between high school, college, and post-graduation.

The Student and Community Engagement Program Manager will work independently to completely large-scale and complex projects, tasks, and initiatives, which include, but are not limited to: implementing and executing summer art camps, skills council, bridge programming, and major engagement events such as Open Door, Homecoming, Fall Welcome, ARTfest, and Brown Bag Workshops; serving as the primary liaison for student-led organizations and developing registration, community, and funding resources; cultivating community outreach programs that involve local and national establishments; connecting students with cultural, professional, academic, and financial support systems; and overseeing undergraduate scholarship processes and communication. To successfully execute these projects, tasks, and initiatives in accordance with School of Art needs, the Student and Community Engagement Program Manager must supervise a team of direct reports to support program goals; work closely with internal and external departments; utilize a range of university systems and technologies; develop promotional strategies for initiatives and programming; manage the operational and financial success of programs by controlling budgets and overseeing logistical, organizational, and procedural details; and complete assessments and evaluations of current and completed work.

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