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Daniel Mayer, Instructional Specialist, Art

Press Release Photo

Daniel Mayer, an instructional specialist in the School of Art, currently has artwork featured in “Art Under Foot: Handmade Floors at the PHX Sky Train,” an exhibition at The Gallery at City Hall. The show offers a behind-the-scenes look at the four large-scale terrazzo floors at the PHX Sky Train, which were all designed by local artists. Mayer’s floor, entitled “Variable Order,” is located at the Terminal 4 Station Platform and features more than 1,000 letter forms and two free-form handwritten phrases inspired by travel. The piece is 480 feet long and ranges form 17 to 40 feet in width.

The exhibition at City Hall is on view through February 2015, and the PHX Sky Train floors are on view indefinitely.

Project Date: February 2014

Daniel Mayer, Instructional Specialist and Studio Manager for the ASU School of Art’s Pyracantha Press, received international and regional awards for his public art projects located at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The “Award of Merit for Art in Public Places” was awarded to Mayer’s glass murals. The murals are also featured in the publication Franz Mayer of Munich: Architecture Glass Art. The “2013 Job of the Year” announced in Milan, Italy, was awarded to Mayer’s terrazzo design.

Mayer was commissioned two large-scale projects through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. Mayer designed and oversaw both projects that spanned five years of production in coordination with architects, engineers, fabricators, lighting specialists, aviation and city staff and an international team. The terrazzo design is located at Terminal-4’s Sky Train Station platform and the glass murals are located in two walkway connector bridges.

The “Award of Merit for Art in Public Places” was presented to Mayer’s glass murals at the 33rd Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Awards. The awards set standards for achieving a balance between the built and natural environment in the region’s physical, technical, social and aesthetic development. Arizona Aviation Journal cited that Mayer’s stunning glass mural projects at PHX Sky Train were recognized at the annual Arizona Forward event, considered the “Academy Awards” of the environmental community. Also sharing in the Merit Award is Mayer’s fabricator Franz Mayer of Munich (no relation), glass installers Walters and Wolf and the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. Arizona Aviation Journal.

The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association awarded the “2013 Job of the Year” for Mayer’s design and fabricators Advance Terrazzo of Phoenix. The NTMA cited the distinct, large-scale works of public art for their “spectacular designs and graphics” and “intricate patterns and vibrant colors.” Mayer’s platform design measures 40’ x 500’ and includes eight terrazzo colors, recycled blue glass, crushed mirror, handwriting as pattern and 1000 aluminum letterforms fabricated at Marzee Water Jet of Phoenix. The competitive award was announced in Milan, Italy. NTMA 2013 Honor Awards, pgs. 10 and 11:

Mayer’s glass murals are featured in the international publication "Franz Mayer of Munich: Architecture Glass Art", a comprehensive book on one of the world’s foremost studios for stained glass and mosaics. Mayer’s two 9’ x 115’ glass murals were fabricated in the Munich studio in collaboration with a team of master artisans. Creative production of Mayer’s glass murals started by impressing Arizona leaf patterns onto metal foils through an etching press. The original prints were digitally scaled-up for screenprinting ceramic glazes onto glass. The rich surfaces and vibrant colors were carried out by hand painting each panel with transparent ceramic washes and then kiln-fired at an industrial glass factory in Austria. Overall, Mayer designed 112 4’ x 9’ glass panels that used 200lbs of ceramic glazes and weighs 14 tons. The glass was shipped in a cargo container from Hamburg via the Panama Canal to Long Beach and trucked to Phoenix.

Founded in 1847, Mayer of Munich is one of the world’s foremost studios for mosaics and stained glass. Dedicated to the execution of contemporary projects for artists and architects worldwide, the publication chronicles the company’s long history, from its genesis as an ecclesiastical sculpture studio to the establishment of a stained glass department in 1860, mosaics in 1925, and contemporary projects. Daniel Mayer worked closely with the Munich studio to carry out his vision for the glass murals using innovative and traditional medieval stained-glass techniques.

Project Date: January, 2014

Daniel Mayer, instructional specialist and studio manager for the ASU School of Art’s Pyracantha Press, was a panelist for the Public Art Network’s national conference in San Antonio, Texas, June 7-9, 2012. The panel, “Third Hand: Digital Tools in an Analog World”, focused on how studio artists keep their hands in large scale public art projects. Susan Pontious, director of the San Francisco Public Art Program, moderated the panel, which included Nori Sato and Brad Goldberg.

In addition, Mayer's work will be featured in the forthcoming publication by Franz Mayer of Munich Architectural Glass and Mosaic. The publication showcases Daniel Mayer’s public art glass project, produced in the Munich studio and to be installed at Terminal 4 of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport during the spring of 2013. The publication is a comprehensive listing of international projects created in the Munich studios to be published December 2012.

Mayer also co-juried “Advanced Student Work in the Field of Artists’ Books” to be exhibited at the 2012 Book Project International in Marseille, France. The competition was open to all national academic programs that have an emphasis in teaching book arts. Co-jurors were Inge Bruggeman, Columbia College, Chicago and Susan Viguers, director of the Grad Book Arts Program, University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Mayer’s personal studio work was recently selected for “1000 Artists Books: Exploring the Book as Art” published by Quarry Books.

Project Date:

Daniel Mayer is on the teaching staff of, and is the studio manager for the ASU School of Art’s Pyracantha Press, who recently was awarded two public art projects through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture. The projects are integrated into the master plan for the automated Phoenix Sky Train, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Terminal 4. Both permanent public art projects open to the public in spring 2013.

Mayer has designed 20,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring for the automatic train platform at Terminal 4. Recycled glass and aluminum water-jet cut letterforms that provide interactive elements for discovery will be imbedded into the polished terrazzo flooring.

Two pedestrian connector bridges at Terminal 4 also will feature Mayer’s original design composed in 56 architectural glass panels. The 2,200 square feet of backlit glass will be fabricated under Mayer’s supervision at the renowned Franz Mayer Architectural Glass and Mosaics studio in Munich, Germany. Several of the techniques used by Mayer on the glass panels date from medieval times and include hand-painted ceramic colors fired onto glass through industrial kilns.

Daniel Mayer’s bio

Project Date: February 2011

Daniel Mayer is on the teaching staff of, and is the studio manager for the ASU School of Art’s Pyracantha Press, and has personal studio work included in Making Handmade Books: 100 Bindings, Structures and Forms, a 2011 Lark Crafts publication. Mayer’s movable-text book forms known as “volvelles” are featured with his ceramic rhetoric stick series and a collaboration with Andrei Codresc, NPR commentator. The volvelle, or wheel chart, dates from the 13th century and was a movable paper disc sewn into a book. Volvelles first were used to chart the stars, planets, and religious holidays and to tell fortunes.

Mayer’s inclusion in the Lark Crafts publication follows the Lark Books publication of 500 Handmade Books,” which features one of Mayer’s artist’s books. – an origami book form that he produced during a residency at the Glasgow Print Workshop in Scotland.

Daniel Mayer’s bio

Project Date: February 2011

Daniel Mayer is on the teaching staff of, and is the studio manager for the ASU School of Art’s Pyracantha Press, curates an artist book exhibition at the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa featuring renowned national and international book artists such as Mark Atwood, Xu Bing, Karen Bleitz and ASU Herberger College School of Art alumna Ashlee Weitlauf. The exhibition, Outside the Book, features hands-on activities and children'’s bookmaking workshops and runs Oct. 20, 2007 - Feb. 3, 2008.

Daniel Mayer's bio

Project Date: October 2007