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About the Pyracantha Press

Pyracantha Press is the independent publishing imprint in the Herberger Institute School of Art at Arizona State University. The Press is directed by Daniel Mayer who has produced inter-disciplinary collaborative works since 1986. Projects created under the Press are limited-edition books and prints that reflect our cultural landscape. Each project is unique and experimental in form and content. Press publications are in over 75 national and international collections such as the Getty, Library of Congress, Yale, among others. Mayer’s private studio practices include award-winning large-scale public art projects, national and international exhibitions, collections, and artist’s residencies. Mayer was a nominee for the 2016 Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards, individual artist category.

The Press is recognized under the Dean’s Initiative for creative research, education, and community outreach.

In 2016 and 2006, Mayer facilitated bringing in The Antonia and Adam Petko Type and Press Collection. The Collection includes 3000 cases of type (enough to fill three semi-trucks) and several ornate printing presses including an 1834 Columbian. ASU’s type collection is the largest at any institution of higher education in North America.  The collection is named in honor Dr. Edward Petko’s parents. The Press was established in 1982 by Prof. Emeritus John Risseeuw.

Please email or call Daniel Mayer at the Press if you are interested in a purchase or more information:
Director of Pyracantha Press