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Ceramics Undergraduate Admission Requirements

BFA Declaration Deadlines for Ceramics

October 1 and February 15

BFA Declaration Process

Complete the following courses in the semesters before applying:

  • ARS 101 and 102 (for all catalogs years prior to 2016)
  • ARS 101 or 102; and ARS 201 or 202 (for 2016 catalog year and after)
  • ART 111, 112, 113 or 116, 115
  • ART 261

Recommended submition of the BFA Declaration Form in the semester in which you are completing 9 hours of the following 200-level studio electives:

  • one 2D course
  • one 3D course
  • one additional 2D or 3D course

GPA requirements:

  • Current ASU Students: ASU GPA of 2.7 and an art GPA of 3.0
  • New Incoming Transfer Students: Transfer GPA 3.0 and an art GPA of 3.0

Application Materials:

  • Use your unofficial ASU transcript to fill out the BFA Declaration form.
  • Students who attended another institution, and have transfer credits used to meet the portfolio submission requirements, should use their unofficial transcript from the transfer institutions to fill out the BFA Declaration form.