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Thank you for your interest in the Herberger Institute School of Art at Arizona State University! We offer 18 degree programs recognized for their excellence at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Additionally, the institute and the university offer you varied opportunities and resources. As one of the most dynamic metropolitan areas in the United States, Phoenix offers many occasions to enjoy and participate in a range of artistic endeavors and interact with the artists attracted to the region.

Please take time to explore your options. Further information on the undergraduate and graduate application process is below. 

Steps to apply


Apply to ASU

Prospective students applying to the School of Art apply to Arizona State University and are placed in the Bachelor of Arts in art (art studies) degree program at the time of admission. There is no portfolio required at the time of admission to ASU. Some programs will require a portfolio when you declare that you will be pursuing a BFA (typically during your second year of study).


Undergraduate international students should also visit the International admissions website for specific admissions requirements and documentation.

Second-year BFA declaration form

Specific program requirements

Of the programs that require a BFA declaration, each has its own prerequisites. Quick links are noted below for your reference:


Current school of art students: upper division

If you are in your second year at ASU and you are planning to study studio art with an emphasis in a specific concentration (major) or art education, you should declare your major by submitting an online BFA Declaration Form. If you plan to enter art education, you will submit this BFA Declaration professional program application once you have finished your core requirements and are completing the last of the 12 hours of 200-level art requirements. If you are interested in art history, art studies or museum studies, you do not need to submit a professional program application.

Transfer students

Transfer students who have completed the foundational core requirements may submit a BFA Declaration Form to the School of Art before they have been admitted to ASU. It is recommended that community college transfer students, who are completing a two-year degree and have completed the foundational core requirements, apply and submit a BFA Declaration Form in the semester they are completing the community college degree.

Submitting Materials

BFA declaration form must be submitted by 4 p.m. on Oct. 1 to be considered for acceptance into the concentration area (major) or the professional program for the spring semester, and by 4 p.m. on Feb. 15 to be considered for acceptance into the professional program for the fall semester.

You cannot apply to more than two areas of concentration in a semester. Some majors require the submission of a portfolio as part of the BFA declaration process. If you are interested in art history, art studies, or museum studies, you do not need to submit this declaration form.

Download a copy of your unofficial transcript (available through your MYASU page) and save on your computer. Use your unofficial transcript as a guide when filling out the BFA Declaration Form.

Students who attended another institution will need to use their unofficial transcript from the transfer institutions to fill out the forms. Download the transcript and save on your computer to do so.

Acceptance notification

You will be notified by mail and ASU email of your acceptance status. We send the decision notice by email to assist in registration for courses. We are unable to send email to a non-ASU email address.

If you are applying in the semester that you are completing the pre-professional requirements, your acceptance status will not be final until grades are posted.

Once you have been accepted into the professional program for a concentration, the Herberger Institute School of Art will add the concentration designation to the major, and you will be able to register for upper division classes in the concentration to which you were admitted and into related upper division classes offered by other concentrations in the major.

If you are not accepted, you remain in the Bachelor of Arts in art (art studies) degree program.

  • You continue to work with Herberger Institute advisors.
  • You continue to take 100 or 200-level art courses appropriate for acceptance into a concentration. You will require an override to enroll in some upper division classes.
  • You cannot apply to the same concentration more than two times. If you have not been accepted within a year of the first BFA declaration attempt, you will work with Herberger Institute advisors to choose another major suited to your interests.
  • Appeals that are denied must be submitted as a petition to the School of Art standards committee within 30 days of the date of the decision email and/or letter. Download petition form


Admission requirements

As a prospective graduate student, you are required to submit an application to ASU Graduate Education. Be prepared to submit program-specific supplementary materials for your concentration with your Graduate Education application.


Anyone who holds a bachelor's or graduate degree from a university of recognized standing and earned the equivalent of a 3.00 (4.00 = “A” scale) grade-point average of 3.00 in the last two years of work leading to the bachelor's degree is eligible to apply for admission to Graduate Education.

In addition to the above requirements, please check the admission requirements for your preferred program of study.  Quick links are noted below for your reference:

Graduate international students should visit the Graduate education international student website for specific admission requirements and documentation.

Herberger Institute Recruitment and Admissions

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