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Call for Entries for Photography Show Honoring Prof. Bill Jenkins

October 3, 2016

Northlight Gallery at the ASU Herberger Institute's School of Art exhibits a broad spectrum of photo-based work by emerging, underrepresented and internationally recognized artists. Founded in 1972 at a time when the medium was struggling to be recognized locally as a fine art, Northlight Gallery continues to feature photography and related digital technologies as they have grown to exert a commanding influence over contemporary art as well as our daily lives.

At the Intersection of Memory and Conjecture an exhibition on the occasion of Professor William Jenkins’ retirement will be hosted March 17 – April 1, 2017. Northlight Gallery will honor Bill with an exhibition featuring his most current works. In keeping with his nearly 4 decades long commitment to teaching and mentoring, we invite Arizona State University alumni who studied with Bill to loan one piece of their recent body of work to be exhibited concurrently in the gallery.

Bill’s invitation:

“As some of you may know I’ll be retiring next year after thirty-seven years of teaching at Arizona State University. For the last eight years or so I’ve been making portraits, mostly of people I know well but some others too.  Liz Allen, Curator of Northlight, has proposed a show of my portraits and work from artists who have studied with me.  I think this is a good idea since, for me, education is a two-way street.  I always learn as much from students as they do from me. 

Though I am officially “retiring” next May I plan to maintain a relationship with the School of Art.  I will certainly serve on the graduate committees of students who will have me and it seems likely that I’ll go on in a much-reduced teaching role.  I know teachers who look forward to retirement, to getting on with their lives without the burden of the institution.  I don’t feel that way.  Aside from my family, the work that I do at the School of Art (coming up on four decades) is the center of my life.  I can’t imagine being without it – though changing the balance between teaching and the rest: making pictures, reading, camping, watching baseball - seems like the right thing now. So I hope you’ll participate in the show.  In a way it’s marking the end but not entirely.”

If you are an ASU alumni who considers Bill your mentor, please send an email to northlightgallery@asu.edu with the subject “Honoring Bill Jenkins” and include your name, degree and year graduated with a statement about what Bill’s mentoring meant to you. An exhibition contract will be sent to you with further information. Deadline for submission is January 18, 2017.

Bucky by William Jenkins

"Bucky" by Bill Jenkins