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NEXT EVENT: Friday April 29 2022
6 p.m.-9 p.m.

One last hurrah for Tempe Center! Student Art Exhibition

Friday, April 29th @ 6 - 9pm

For one night only, Tempe Center will be holding its last event, a student exhibition will be held in the hallways and classrooms, before the building is torn down this summer. "The Alien Within” is an exhibition of student work from all 29 sections of 100 level studio art in the School of Art at Arizona State University. The artCORE program at Arizona State University provides a comprehensive foundation in the studio arts. Organized as five integrated studios — Drawing, 2D studio, Color, 3D studio and Digital Media — our courses provide a solid basis for all of the School of Art's advanced studio areas as well as art history and art education.

Classes represented: ART 111 (Foundation Drawing), ART 112 (2D Design), ART 113 (Color), ART 115 (3D Design) and ART 116 (Intro to Digital Media).

For more information please contact:
Dan Collins
School of Art
Tempe Center