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12 p.m.-5 p.m.

Miguel Angel Godoy | The Go-Down: Navigating Counterforms

Exhibition runs Thursday through Saturday, Mar. 25 to Apr. 3.

“The Go-Down: Navigating Counterforms,” is an MFA thesis exhibition by Miguel Angel Godoy. As a practitioner of breaking (breakdancing) and graffiti, Godoy’s artwork is informed by rhythm and flow. In this body of work, he utilizes the circle, symbolic of the dance cypher, as a way of visually expressing his understanding of movement in space. In addition, he is exploring the negative spaces between letterforms, otherwise known as “counterforms.” Godoy believes the intention of words is manifested within these spaces and should therefore be highlighted. These spaces act as a metaphor for that which society overlooks, forgets or does not see. Not unlike the creation of Hip-Hop, which highlighted aspects of American culture that society had overlooked, his work intends to celebrate voices typically looked over.

Gallery occupancy is limited to allow for social distancing. Face coverings are required in all campus buildings and outdoor spaces. Step Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m.

Image: Miguel Angel Godoy, “Flesh Tones and The Flag,” 2020, spray paint and acrylic on polytab, 96 inches round

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