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Sculpture Undergraduate Admission Requirements

BFA Declaration Deadlines for Sculpture

October 1 and February 15

BFA Declaration Process

Complete the following courses in the semesters before applying:

  • ARS 101 and 102 (for all catalogs years prior to 2016)
  • ARS 101 or 102; and ARS 201 or 202 (for 2016 catalog year and after*)
  • ART 111, 112, 113 or 116, 115
  • ART 231
  • ART 274

Recommended submition of the BFA Declaration form in the semester in which you are completing 6 hours of the following 200-level studio electives:

  • one 2D course
  • one additional 2D or 3D course

GPA requirements:

  • Current ASU Students: ASU GPA of 2.7 and an art GPA of 3.0
  • New Incoming Transfer Students: Transfer GPA 3.0 and an art GPA of 3.0

Application Materials:

  • Use your unofficial ASU transcript (available at MyASU) to fill out the BFA Declaration Form.
  • Students who attended another institution, and have transfer credits used to meet the portfolio submission requirements, should use a copy of their unofficial transcript from the transfer institutions to fill out the BFA Declaration Form.