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Student Organizations

College life is more than books and classwork! Get involved on campus by joining a student club or organization.

Student organizations are a great way to network, build your resume and further explore your interests outside the classroom. Being part of a student organization can help you make important connections with your peers (who are future professional colleagues), with local professionals through mentoring programs and field trips and with national student and professional organizations that may help you with your long-term career plans and goals.

Student organizations are also a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity to enhance your university experience, meet other students who share your interests and give back to the community. There are over 500 clubs and organizations at ASU. Visit the Student Life website to explore all the opportunities.

Some student organizations also have service and volunteer components that help build homes for Habitat for Humanity, survey inner city neighborhoods about transportation planning or design and build play areas for children. These experiences enhance your classroom learning experience and help you become a part of the design and arts community.

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For more information about participating, contact club representatives directly.