School of Art | Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts


Welcome to printmaking in the Herberger Institute School of Art at Arizona State University. Graphic media has never been more relevant, exciting or broadly defined. As a printmaking student, you develop skills in process, layers, logic, planning, organization and conceptual realities that extend in all directions. The ASU printmaking program encourages experimentation, the development of unique approaches, and an understanding of the many printmaking processes and media. This can be achieved by harmonizing idea generation exercises with the conceptual intentions of the student and supported by the incorporation of methods ranging from traditional to alternative techniques.

Students are allowed to pursue a personal direction with independence and individuality while encouraged to become well-rounded printmakers. Interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged and students often work with other areas within the School of Art, such as photography and intermedia, to achieve their goals. Come for a visit to see what our program can do for you.