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University Switchboard 480.965.9011
ASU Students Resources  
Campus Health Services 480.965.3346
Counseling and Consultation 480.965.6146
Disabled Resources Center for Academic Access and Achievement  480.965.1234
Graduation Office 480.965.3256
Graduate Education 480.965.3251
International Programs Office 480.965.7451
International Students Office 480.965.7451
Learning Resource Center (Tutoring, Writing Support, Success Coaching, Software Training) 480.965.7728
Registrar General Contacts  
Residency Classification Office 480.965.7712
Residential Life/Housing Office 480.965.3515
Student Financial Assistance (Scholarships, Grants, Loans, Student Employment) 480.965.3355
Student Affairs Office 480.965.6547
Student Recreation Complex 480.965.8900
University Bookstore 480.965.3191
University Libraries 480.965.6164
University Testing Services 480.965.7146
Wellness and Health Promotion 480.965.4721